Macros 2012.03.13—2024.04.28

emperormoth280424 Emperor Moth Dalby Mountain, Isle of Man
greatprominent310324s Great Prominent Cley, Norfolk
brindledbeauty300324 Brindled Beauty Cley, Norfolk
trueloversknot060723 True Lovers Knot Loch Ruthven, Scotland
beautifulgoldeny060723 Beautiful Golden Y Boat of Garten, Scotland
barredstraw060723 Barred Straw Boat of Garten, Scotland
greencarpet060723 Green Carpet Boat of Garten, Scotland
magpie050723 Magpie Loch Maree, Scotland
chimneysweeper010723 Chimney Sweeper Boat of Garten, Scotland
largeemerald290623 Large Emerald Fersit, Scotland
woodtiger280623 Wood Tiger Loch Quoich, Scotland
coxcombprom250623 Coxcomb Prominent Fersit, Scotland
thriftclearwing280523 Thrift Clearwing Derbyhaven, Isle of Man
commonheath130523 Common Heath Stoney Mountain, Isle of Man
yellowleggedclearwing170722 Yellow-legged Clearwing Blean Woods, Kent
festoon170722 Festoon Eastling, Kent
smallmagpie170722 Small Magpie Eastling, Kent
duskysallow170722 Dusky Sallow Eastling, Kent
barredsallow031022 Barred Sallow Cley, Norfolk
thriftclearwing030722 Thrift Clearwing Marine Drive, Isle of Man

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